Hastings St | Where to refresh your winter wardrobe on Hastings Street

Where to refresh your winter wardrobe on Hastings Street

Where to refresh your winter wardrobe on Hastings Street

We can’t be the only ones who feel that somehow every year when winter rolls around, we’re back at square one. No matter how many jeans or jackets we purchase, it never seems to do the job. Regardless of who you are, this is your guide to finding a long-lasting, beautiful winter wardrobe on Hastings Street.

Academy Brand

If you’re after timeless basics that you’ll pull out year after year, Academy Brand is where you’ll want to end up. Their variety of jackets cover you from a light, cool breeze, right up to the coolest Aussie weather you can find. Their basic winter day-to-day wear is designed to layer, encouraging preparedness for all the climates you’ll brave this season. Their pants come in every style and fit you can imagine, from chinos to sweats, created for comfort. They’ve got your wardrobe from bed to your desk, to dinner.

Rodd & Gunn

With a whole edit dedicated to dressing you this winter, Rodd & Gunn have curated pieces this season that commit to the weather with taste. If you’re out and about for work or fun, you’ll find well-tailored, impeccable quality winter gear here. They’ve got it all from vests, coats, and leather jackets to knits and half zips. Their mix of jeans and pants are what you’re looking for, the kind that fit just right, in the perfect colour ways. If you’re looking for a place to stop by and walk out 30 minutes later with all your winter kits sorted for any occasion, stop by Rodd & Gunn Hastings Street.

Alterior Motif

Alterior Motif, where you’ll find the trends before the rest of the world. Decked out with the hard to come by brands and the newest styles around, not only will you find clothes you love the look of, but you’ll buy to the best quality on offer, meaning you’re not setting yourself up for this season, but for every winter to come. Stocking your favourites like Bec and Bridge, Deiji Studios, Hansen & Gretel, SIR. and so much more, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Visit their Hastings Street boutique for the full experience.

Bow & Arrow Trading

Truly embracing the beautiful Noosa, we know and love, Bow & Arrow trading has the perfect sunshine state winter gear. With simple, day to day outerwear like top tier leather jackets and knitwear on offer, you’ll be set for the cooler days or winter social outings. Their range boasts practical winter fashion through staple and statement wardrobe items like long sleeved or knit dresses, and warmer variations of beautifully designed tops and pants. For winter fashion, pop into their Hastings Street boutique.


Winter in Noosa is a magical time, especially during the Queensland school holidays. Hastings Street is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories with your little ones while escaping the chilly weather in sunny Noosa.

As the heart of Noosa’s social and cultural scene, Hastings Street is bustling with vibrant events that will make your winter getaway truly special.

Catch-ups with friends, romantic date night or family picnic? Stop by these foodie favourites on your way.