Hastings St | Where to find the perfect poolside read on Hastings…

Where to find the perfect poolside read on Hastings Street

Where to find the perfect poolside read on Hastings Street

The pace of life is slower in Noosa, so the pages turn faster.

Without your phone buzzing and laptop dinging, you can finally get sucked into that novel that’s been collecting dust on your bedside table.

If you happen to burn through your first book, or forget to pack one all together, swing into Village Bookshop to find the perfect poolside read.

Tucked under Hastings Street's Bay Village, Village Bookshop is the place to browse the latest titles or find your next poolside thriller.

A recent addition to the street, Village Bookshop operates as a ‘profit-for-purpose’ business by the Wise Foundation, with a focus on strengthening community through innovative economic solutions.

Their shelves are stacked with new releases, inspiring magazines and your favourite newspapers. Each piece has been carefully selected in hope that you will find the one you're meant to take home (or back to your pool lounger).


Monday – Sunday
7.30am – 5.30pm


Looking for more festive fun? Over the summer holidays, you'll be able to catch an array of local talent of all ages playing live on the street.

Shopping for your kids, best friends, partner (and yourself) is practically effortless on our Hastings Street, with shops galore that are conveniently located close-by.

Whether it's the iconic Hastings Street tree or having your photo taken with Santa on the beach, there's nothing quite like Christmas on Hastings Street.