Hastings St | Pack your bags: What to bring for your stay in Noosa

Pack your bags: What to bring for your stay in Noosa

Pack your bags: What to bring for your stay in Noosa

One of the best parts about staying at on Hastings Street? You can pack light.

Pool and beach towels are often provided in your room, alongside complimentary skin products to luxuriate after a day of lounging.

There are just a few important things you need to bring to make the most of your days—and nights—in Noosa.


The sun is strong here, even for Australia. Layer up with a high-SPF sunscreen before heading out. Skin protection is always chic.

Two pairs of sunnies

Pack your most stylish pair for your poolside Instagrams. We also recommend a cheaper pair you can accidentally lose (without losing sleep): they’ll be great for day trip adventures like a paddle through the Noosa Everglades or a surf at Double Island Point.

Walking shoes

There’s nothing wrong with spending your entire stay lounging by the pool, but if you want to explore the natural sights of Noosa, lace up a sturdy pair of walking shoes or hiking boots and head to Noosa National Park. They have eight different walks of varying length and difficulty, but all will require more than your trusty thongs.

The perfect poolside read

The pace of life is slower in Noosa, so the pages turn faster. Without your phone buzzing and laptop dinging, you can finally get sucked into that novel that’s been collecting dust on your bedside table. If you happen to burn through your first book, swing into Noosa Heads or Noosaville to browse the latest reads at our local booksellers.

Beach bag

Even though the beach is just a quick walk from your room, you’ll quickly realise that once you’re settled in the sand, you won’t want to leave. Pack a beach bag to stow away your sunnies, towel and treats.

A portable charger

From craft beer tours across Sunshine Beach to day-trips Double Island Point, you’ll be in no rush to get back to your room. That is, unless your phone is clinging onto that last 1% of power. Instead of rationing your camera to preserve battery life, bring a portable charger so you can snap away to your heart’s content.

A going-out look

Noosa may be laidback, but it still knows how to have a good time. There’s relaxed nightlife options just steps from your room. No need to go too formal, but a night of cocktails at Locale or Miss Moneypenny’s is the perfect excuse to bring out that Little Black Dress or favourite shirt.

An extra suitcase

The views of our beachfront sunsets are rivalled only by the window shopping views of Hastings Street. The wardrobe selection at stores like Signature on Hastings, Palm Noosa and Alterior Motif are reason enough to plan your next Noosa trip. Make sure you have the space to bring home a new outfit or five in your luggage.

Bonus: 4WD

A little big to fit in your suitcase, but if your ride has 4-wheel drive, put it to good use on the sandy stretch of the Noosa North Shore. Just head to Tewantin to ferry across the river—the gorgeous views and the thrill of having sand in your tyre treads make it all worth it.

In need of a relaxed getaway? Explore our accommodation perks and book yourself in.

Future you will be so glad you did.


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