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Find yourself at Sea: Our Top Ways to Get on the Water in Noosa

Find yourself at Sea: Our Top Ways to Get on the Water in Noosa

It’s no secret that Noosa is a surfer’s paradise. We shared our recs for the best breaks in a previous blog. But what to do if you’re not exactly the surfing type?

Your weekend doesn’t have to be a wipe out. Within walking distance of Hastings Street there are tons of places to hire boats, boards and beyond for the perfect day on the water.

Here’s what we recommend if you want to…

Find relaxation on the water.

You might not expect to leave the water feeling “grounded,” but kayaking is basically a guided meditation in a life jacket. Just swap the in-and-out breaths with left-and-right strokes and stretch your legs out and you’ll find your flow in no time.

Try the laid-back version of surfing.

Stand-up paddle-boarding is like surfing without the waves. While finding your footing on the board can be trickier than it looks, once you’re in the groove it’s smooth sailing (or smooth paddling). The waterfront is lined with shops that rent SUP equipment, so if you want an easy way to get on the water without the wipe-outs, this is a great bet.

Find the opposite of relaxation on the water.

After a lazy lounge by the pool, you’re ready to take things from 0 to 100. Get your adrenaline rushing with a ride with Noosa Jet Ski. Their designated jet ski circuit lets you safely speed up and down the Noosa River—making it great for the novice adrenaline junkie. Or, if you have experience and an appetite for adventure, you can book an Ocean Tour for bigger waves for gorgeous sights.

Catch the sunset from the best vantage point.

The only thing that might top watching the sunset from your balcony is watching it from on the water. For just $25 a person, you can catch a truly priceless view of the sunset aboard the Noosa Ferry. Plus, there’s a licensed BYO bar aboard, so you can clink glasses and snuggle up to your date after another perfect day in paradise.

Looking to rave on the waves.

One word: pontoon. If your getaway includes a large group, a 11-seater pontoon is the perfect day activity to let loose on the water. Many come with an on-deck barbecue and esky, so plan to bring a pack of local brews and burgers or fish to grill up. (Also a great opportunity to whip out your Beach Day Bangers Spotify playlist.)


Looking for more festive fun? Over the summer holidays, you'll be able to catch an array of local talent of all ages playing live on the street.

Shopping for your kids, best friends, partner (and yourself) is practically effortless on our Hastings Street, with shops galore that are conveniently located close-by.

Whether it's the iconic Hastings Street tree or having your photo taken with Santa on the beach, there's nothing quite like Christmas on Hastings Street.