Hastings St | Discover the best foot forward: Three footwear spots on…

Discover the best foot forward: Three footwear spots on Hastings Street

Discover the best foot forward: Three footwear spots on Hastings Street

Discover the Best Foot Forward: Top Footwear Spots on Hastings Street

Hastings Street, the pulsating heart of Noosa, beckons locals and visitors alike with a plethora of lifestyle offerings, from picturesque beach spots to high-end boutiques. As you take a leisurely stroll down this vibrant street, it's impossible to overlook the incredible selection of footwear hubs that promise to blend comfort with style. Let us guide you to three of the top stores that stand a step above the rest.

Dianas of Noosa

Dianas of Noosa has long held a reputation as a haven for shoe enthusiasts. With a range that encompasses both Australian and international designers, it offers a carefully curated collection that promises quality without compromising on comfort. The store carries an array of beautiful designs, from timeless classics to contemporary pieces, making it a one-stop shop for footwear that echoes sophistication. Step into Dianas of Noosa to find the perfect pair that mirrors your personal style, promising a fusion of luxury and comfort in every stride.

Feet First Footwear Noosa

A visit to Feet First Footwear Noosa offers more than just a shopping experience; it's a journey towards finding the perfect footwear that marries form and function. Specializing in comfort footwear without forsaking style, this store carries a diverse range of options from top brands, ensuring that every individual finds their match. From sleek heels to casual flats, the selection here promises to pamper your feet while elevating your style quotient. Venture into Feet First Footwear to step up your footwear game, ensuring comfort in every step you take.

Parallel Culture

For the fashion-forward individuals seeking to add a contemporary flair to their footwear collection, Parallel Culture emerges as the ultimate destination. The store resonates with a modern and fresh vibe, presenting a collection that is both eclectic and on-trend. From streetwear essentials to high-end luxury selections, Parallel Culture carries a range that promises to cater to the diverse tastes of the Hastings Street clientele. Step into a world of cutting-edge style and discover a collection that sets the tone for modern footwear trends.


Looking for more festive fun? Over the summer holidays, you'll be able to catch an array of local talent of all ages playing live on the street.

Shopping for your kids, best friends, partner (and yourself) is practically effortless on our Hastings Street, with shops galore that are conveniently located close-by.

Whether it's the iconic Hastings Street tree or having your photo taken with Santa on the beach, there's nothing quite like Christmas on Hastings Street.